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The Slow Revolution explores the pros and cons of slowing down in a fast, impatient world. In each episode, Carl Honoré interviews someone who is putting Slow into action. Topics range from work, medicine and education to food, sports and design to relationships, travel and technology. And more.
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Dec 1, 2015

Carl speaks to William Powers about New Slow City, the book he wrote about living Slow in New York

(Recorded via Skype on October 6, 2015)


Topics covered include:

1. How to live Slow in any big city

2. Tapping into urban sanctuaries

3. How to cultivate anticipation over instant gratification

4. How solitude fits in with slowing down

5. The place of ambition in urban life

6. Confronting FOMO (fear of missing out)

7. The power of "third-storey awareness"

8. Balancing clock time with your own time


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Visit William Powers' website

Nov 4, 2015

Carl speaks to Mike Grenier, an English teacher and housemaster at Eton College and co-founder of the Slow Education movement.

(Recorded in London on July 1, 2015)


Topics covered include:

1. What is Slow Education and why we need more of it in schools

2. How dialling down the pressure can work in all classrooms

3. What teachers can do to promote deep learning

4. The good, the bad and the ugly of standardised testing

5. The "5-Minute Warning" and how can teachers apply it in the classroom

6. What colleges and universities can do to combat the obsession with perfect CVs

7. How businesses are reshaping educational priorities

8. Trends in education around the world

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Visit the Slow Education website.

Sep 18, 2015

Carl speaks to Rob Orchard, founder and editor of Delayed Gratification, the world’s first Slow Journalism magazine.


(Recorded in London. Running time: 58’43”)


Topics covered include:


1. What is Slow Journalism and why does it matter in a fast world?


2. Is personalised news a good thing?


3. Does long-form journalism have a future?


4. How much news is actually news?


5. What role did toasters play in the genesis of Slow Journalism?


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Visit Delayed Gratification.



Sep 14, 2015

Carl interviews Petter Neby of Punkt, which makes "thoughtful electronics." In London Design Week (September 2015), the company will launch its brand-new MP 01, a mobile phone with no Internet connection.

That's right, no connection at all. But it does transmit the human voice in pure, crystalline sharpness.

The aim: to help us switch off, be in the moment and rediscover the art of conversation. Will it work?

Topics covered in the podcast include:

1. The perils of "communication obesity"

2. Why birdsong ringtones do not work in Florence, Italy

3. The rise of Slow Gaming and the Decelerator Helmet

4. The joy and power of doing nothing

5. Why human conversation needs to be uncomfortable sometimes 

(Recorded in London. Running time: 26'11")

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Learn more about the MP 01 and Punkt here.


Aug 31, 2015

Carl pays a visit to the first "Slow Reading" club in Europe. He reads "Infinity Jest" by David Foster Wallace and chats to the club's founder, Annabel Quiroga-Rivera, about text, toast and taking time.

Recorded in Notting Hill, London. Running time: 26'49"

If you want to know more about Slow Reading, or would like to set up a club in your hometown, you can contact Annabel here

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